Indoor location of assets and people

Maximum reliability and precision. The object to be located never disappears and is located without margin of error.

NLOS system. It works 100% without the need for a direct line of sight between the beacon and the object to be located.

Works in complex, highly metallic environments where other technologies do not work

Applicable in buildings with changing structures without the need to modify the installation

Possibility of locating a large number of objects with a very reduced deployment of beacons and installation

Easy installation and commissioning, compatible with other existing systems. Integrable with other solutions

The Indoor Location Revolution has arrived


Good coverage, but poor precision. Malfunction in metallic environments.

Acceptable coverage and precision. Malfunction in metallic environments.

Ultra Wide Band
Good precision and acceptable coverage. Malfunction in metallic environments.

Great precision and coverage. Works in metallic and non-line of sight environments.

Endless possibilities with Indoor Location

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Deployment of the solution in your facilities. Installation, configuration and calibration of hardware, server and software.

Training, support and maintenance included. We take care of everything related to your solution and we accompany you throughout the implementation and deployment process.

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